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Kimberly J. Popovits - Board Member

Kimberly J. Popovits

Kim Popovits served as Genomic Health’s Chairman of the Board from 2012 thru 2019, and Chief Executive Officer and President from 2009 thru 2019. She was President and Chief Operating Officer upon joining the company in 2002. Prior to leading Genomic Health, Kim served as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales at Genentech, Inc. During her 15 years at Genentech, Kim led the successful commercialization of 14 new therapies, including Herceptin®.

Kim currently serves on the boards of the Coalition for 21st Century Medicine, the Personalized Medicine Coalition, Kiniksa, Inc., 10x Genomics, Inc., Talis Inc., and Genomic Life, Inc. She also serves as an Executive Advisor to Blackstone Life Sciences and is an Advisor to the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).

Kim’s contributions to science and the commercialization of the biotechnology industry have been acknowledged by multiple organizations including being named Most Admired CEO in 2014, as well as one of the Most Influential Women in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times. She was also named Woman of the Year in 2008 by Women Health Care Executives (WHCE). Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Michigan State University.