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Genomic Life is changing the healthcare paradigm by accelerating access to affordable and engaging genomics-based, proactive health solutions.

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Instant innovation for your company

We make cutting-edge benefits easy, and adopt the best innovations science has to offer, so that you can focus on what's important... your people.

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A combined genomics and cancer program that works

Fragmented solutions for genomics don’t help. Patients and physicians need an integrated program that takes them from genetic testing through to clinical changes at the point of care.

  • Actionable genetic testing

    Focused on medically actionable conditions and clinical quality

  • Genetic counseling

    Genetics expertise to counsel members and their physicians

  • Precision cancer care

    Identify those at-risk and support cancer patients upon diagnosis

  • Innovation at scale

    We assess and adopt new technologies so that you don’t have to

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1 in 6

individuals has a mutation for a medically actionable genetic condition¹

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9 in 10

individuals have at least one inherited variant that affects how they react to medication⁴

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emergency department visits every year attributed to adverse drug events⁶

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of tumors harbor a mutation classified as a predictive biomarker for an FDA-approved drug³

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Healthy members

Proactive genetic health screens identify risks and actionable prevention

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Prescription optimization

Pharmacogenomics helps avoid adverse drug events and ineffective prescriptions

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Expecting parents

Expanded carrier screening assesses genetic risks in family planning

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Precision cancer care

A best-in-class solution for cancer patients and their oncologists through the entire cancer journey

Value for every employee at every stage of life

The clinical utility of genetic testing has grown rapidly at the same time that costs have plummeted. This allows us to create a genomics program that covers every stage of your employees' Genome Life in order to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease with genomics.


As an insurance broker, many products have crossed my desk in the last 25 years, and I've never seen anything like the Cancer Guardian program. Based on my family’s personal experience, I'm making it my mission to make sure that every company, CEO, CFO, HR director, broker and consultant knows about this extraordinary employee benefit.

Photo of John Mueller - Vice President of Corporate Benefits, NFP

John Mueller

Vice President of Corporate Benefits, NFP

Penn Mutual’s greatest strength is its people. Cancer can impact anyone, and the Cancer Guardian program further strengthens our commitment to our associates at times when they need it the most.

Photo of David O’Malley - President & COO, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

David O’Malley

President & COO, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

The expertise, dedication, and support from Jess at Genomic Life made me go from drinking from a fire house, feeling overwhelmed and lost to feeling confident, blessed, and in control of my life again. They are truly helping me battle this disease.

Photo of Michael Murray - Member

Michael Murray