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Genomic Life is changing the healthcare paradigm by accelerating access to affordable and engaging genomics-based, proactive health solutions.

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Personalized medicine at its best

We believe that every cancer patient should have access to the best care possible. Genomic Life brings the cutting-edge of medicine for our members, supporting you through your cancer journey, when it's needed the most.

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We take cancer personally

Cancer is a genetic disease, and we believe that every patient should have access to the appropriate diagnostics and treatment solutions

    Image or icon for Advocacy and support

    Advocacy and support

    Receive help exploring clinical trial opportunities and seeking financial aid specific to you

    Image or icon for Suite of genetic tests

    Suite of genetic tests

    Genetic testing tailored to your cancer and summarized reports and recommendations for additional testing or treatment opportunities

    Image or icon for Expert pathology review

    Expert pathology review

    Confirm an accurate diagnosis and assemble and review case history and medical information

    Image or icon for Navigation and support

    Navigation and support

    A telehealth oncology navigator will work with you 1-on-1 to help you navigate your cancer journey and leverage Genomic Life's services

    Genetic testing and services for cancer patients and their oncologists

    Many patients do not have access to, or are unaware of the latest technologies for diagnosing and treating their cancer. We are committed to changing that, with a comprehensive cancer support program for our members.

    Personalizing diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients

    Image or Icon for Diagnostic inherited testing

    Diagnostic inherited testing

    13% of cancer patients have an inherited variant that could help better assess their risk, diagnose more accurately, or inform their cancer treatment⁵

    Image or Icon for Comprehensive tumor profiling

    Comprehensive tumor profiling

    92% of tumors harbor at least one oncogenic mutation and 34% harbor a mutation classified as a predictive biomarker for an FDA-approved drug³

    Image or Icon for Pharmacogenetics (PGx)

    Pharmacogenetics (PGx)

    PGx can help cancer patients and their oncologists inform drug and dose selection to maximize efficacy and decrease adverse drug events⁴