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Genomic Life is changing the healthcare paradigm by accelerating access to affordable and engaging genomics-based, proactive health solutions.

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Genetic Health Screen

Informs genetic predisposition for actionable conditions

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Uncovers drug-gene interactions and efficacy

Genomics made easy

Understanding how your genetics affects your health can be complex. We make it simple, so that you can focus on life.

Bridging the innovation gap in healthcare

Your genome impacts your health, but the odds are, your medical care is happening without any understanding of your unique genetic makeup. We’re changing that.

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Clinical genetic testing

The highest quality tests available from one, easy to use platform

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Genome management

Lifelong, actionable results, managed for you by a team of experts

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Precision cancer care

The leading innovations brought to you if you are diagnosed with cancer

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Private and secure

Your information is encrypted and never shared without your consent... ever

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Identify your risks prior to or early in disease progression

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More accurately diagnose disease to improve outcomes and lower costs

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Precision cancer care

Get treated based on your unique molecular causes of disease

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Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Optimize the right drug and right dose based on your unique genetic makeup

Why genomics matters

For the first time in history, humans can prevent disease before it happens, diagnose disease more accurately, and treat patients better based on their specific genetic makeup.

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How it works

Navigate your Genomic Life, from a single, easy-to-use platform that brings the best of the genomics ecosystem under one roof.

Step 1 - Create account

Create account

Join through your employee benefits

Step 2 - Get tested

Get tested

All genetic testing is included as a part of your membership

Step 3 - Manage results

Manage results

Manage and understand your results with a team of experts

Partnered with the best in the industry

We’re building deep partnerships and integrations with the best companies in the genetics industry, so that every member gets the best possible care every step of the way. 

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Committed to supporting you.

We know that healthcare innovation can be complicated. We’re dedicated to making it simple and effective.

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