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Privacy Policy

As of December 2022




This Privacy Policy and HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (the “POLICY”) describes how GENOMIC LIFE™ (“GENOMIC LIFE) may disclose and use personal, medical, and other INFORMATION (“INFORMATION”) regarding MEMBERS. For this POLICY, “MEMBER” (or “YOU”) refers to the person whose INFORMATION collection listed below is shared with or collected by GENOMIC LIFE.  

GENOMIC LIFE is not a medical service provider, does not provide medical treatment or clinical services, makes no medical referrals, and issues no prescriptions.

GENOMIC LIFE is not an insurance company, and no program within GENOMIC LIFE is insurance. GENOMIC LIFE does not provide or reimburse payment for treatment costs of any kind.

The GENOMIC LIFE website ( and other related websites, mobile applications, and platforms are collectively called the “SITE.” Through the SITE, GENOMIC LIFE provides various services that enable MEMBERS to receive programs, genomic navigation, and cancer support services (“SERVICES”). MEMBER should not rely on the INFORMATION made available on or through SERVICES or the SITE when making medical decisions or diagnosing or treating a medical condition.

By using any of the services or the SITE, (i) You agree and/or an authorized representative, such as a spouse or guardian, with all of the terms of this POLICY, and (ii) you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of the personal INFORMATION as outlined in this POLICY. If you do not agree to the terms of this POLICY, please do not use the SERVICES, and we will not collect, retain, use or disclose your personal INFORMATION. MEMBER may stop using the SERVICES at any time.



GENOMIC LIFE will not discriminate against you for exercising your rights under this POLICY. Please note that if you decide to exercise your right under this POLICY to revoke your consent to our collection, use, disclosure, or retention of the INFORMATION (as defined below), GENOMIC LIFE will not be able to provide SERVICES to you.



MEMBER may have certain rights under the state and federal privacy standards, such as the right to:

  • Request restrictions on the uses and disclosures of MEMBER INFORMATION.
  • Request to receive confidential communications of MEMBER INFORMATION by alternative means or at alternative locations.
  • Request an update on certain MEMBER INFORMATION, such as addresses and phone numbers.
  • Request that MEMBER’S medical provider can only update MEMBER’s medical INFORMATION.
  • Receive an accounting of how and to whom MEMBER’S health INFORMATION has been disclosed.
  • Restrict GENOMIC LIFE from using or disclosing MEMBER INFORMATION that falls within categories such as third parties.
  • Inspect and copy MEMBER health INFORMATION by submitting a written request to

Applicable law allows GENOMIC LIFE to deny certain requests under specific circumstances. GENOMIC LIFE will advise MEMBER in writing of any such denial and provide its reasons.

MEMBER may have additional rights under state and federal privacy laws. MEMBERS may contact GENOMIC LIFE at with questions about these additional rights or INFORMATION about this “MEMBER’S RIGHTS” section.



This POLICY applies to the following types of INFORMATION:

  • INFORMATION including, but not limited to, INFORMATION related to the MEMBER’S past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition that GENOMIC LIFE collects from MEMBERS or persons and entities providing medical services to MEMBER through verbal or written communications.
  • INFORMATION communicated by MEMBERS to GENOMIC LIFE’S employees or contractors in person, on the phone, or through the SITE.
  • INFORMATION that can or may identify the MEMBER (including, but not limited to, name; home, mailing, and email address; birth date; Social Security number; home or mobile phone number; and credit card); and health insurance INFORMATION about MEMBER.
  • INFORMATION about MEMBER’S internet connection and equipment used to access the SITE, including browser type, operating system, Internet Protocol (I.P.) address, domain name, and date/time stamp for MEMBER’S visit to the SITE. 
  • INFORMATION that is collected by GENOMIC LIFE through cookies and other tracking technologies as MEMBER navigates through the SITE and from any application, computer, mobile or other device used to access GENOMIC LIFE’S digital SERVICES.

GENOMIC LIFE does not sell, share, rent, or trade INFORMATION other than as disclosed within this POLICY. Except as described in this POLICY, GENOMIC LIFE will, consistent with its legal obligations, not use or disclose INFORMATION that identifies MEMBER without your written authorization. If MEMBER does not authorize GENOMIC LIFE to use or disclose INFORMATION for a purpose other than this POLICY, you may revoke your authorization in writing at any time.



GENOMIC LIFE may use MEMBER’S health and personal INFORMATION to provide a positive GENOMIC LIFE experience and for the purposes described within the POLICY.

SERVICES: To operate its business and to provide MEMBER with SERVICES, GENOMIC LIFE may use or disclose INFORMATION to its employees, subcontractors, specialists, nurses, doctors, healthcare facilities, and other persons and entities who are involved in providing healthcare services to MEMBER. In situations where GENOMIC LIFE provides MEMBER INFORMATION to third parties in connection with the delivery of SERVICES, GENOMIC LIFE will require such parties to represent that they will handle the INFORMATION in compliance with applicable laws and the terms of this POLICY.

PAYMENT: GENOMIC LIFE may use and disclose MEMBER INFORMATION to health plans, government benefit programs, and other persons involved in the process by which GENOMIC LIFE bills and collects payment for SERVICES provided to MEMBER.

TROUBLESHOOTING AND MEMBER COMMUNICATION: GENOMIC LIFE may use MEMBER INFORMATION to solve technical difficulties for internal communication purposes to categorize data. GENOMIC LIFE may send MEMBERS service-related announcements when necessary. MEMBER may opt-out of these communications by sending an email to



GENOMIC LIFE may share INFORMATION that does not contain identifying elements (“DE-IDENTIFIED”), such as aggregated user statistics with third parties for company or industry analysis and demographic knowledge for business purposes, such as acquisition or marketing purposes.



Required by Law

Disclosure of MEMBER INFORMATION is governed by applicable laws and regulations, subpoenas, court orders, warrants, summonses, and requests from government agencies, officials, and law enforcement authorities. GENOMIC LIFE will act in accordance with these requirements concerning the disclosure of MEMBER’S INFORMATION.

Public Health

GENOMIC LIFE cooperates with reporting MEMBER INFORMATION to public health, public safety, and health oversight agencies, as required by law.

Breach Notification

In the case of a breach of unsecured INFORMATION, GENOMIC LIFE will notify you as required by law.

Business Purposes

Disclosure of INFORMATION may be necessary or appropriate to protect the rights, property, or safety of GENOMIC LIFE, customers, or others. This activity may include providing INFORMATION for fraud protection and credit risk reduction with other organizations. GENOMIC LIFE will only disclose the INFORMATION necessary for these essential functions.

It may also be necessary to disclose MEMBER INFORMATION in connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, restructuring, the sale of the outstanding stock, assets, or other corporate change, including during any due diligence process. Where feasible, GENOMIC LIFE WILL use de-identified INFORMATION, and the recipient of any INFORMATION used for these purposes will be required to represent that they will handle the INFORMATION in compliance with applicable laws and the terms of this POLICY



MEMBER is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of personal INFORMATION (other than INFORMATION provided by a third party, such as MEMBER’S employer or physician). If MEMBER INFORMATION changes, MEMBER may correct, delete inaccuracies, or amend INFORMATION by making the change on the MEMBER INFORMATION page on the SITE or contacting us 844-MyGenome (844-694-3666).

GENOMIC LIFE will make reasonable faith efforts to make requested database changes as soon as possible.

If MEMBER cancels the SERVICES or the relationship between GENOMIC LIFE AND MEMBER’S employer terminates for any reason, GENOMIC LIFE may retain MEMBER INFORMATION to comply with government regulations, resolve disputes, conclude activities related to the cancelation, investigate to prevent fraud and other inappropriate activity, or enforce agreements even after membership is canceled. The terms of this POLICY will continue to apply to any INFORMATION retained by GENOMIC LIFE.



If MEMBER believes privacy rights have been violated, MEMBER may file a complaint with GENOMIC LIFE by contacting or via U.S. postal mail at the following address:

3344 N Torrey Pines Ct. Suite 100, La Jolla, California 92037

If MEMBER is not satisfied with how GENOMIC LIFE handles a complaint, MEMBER may submit a formal complaint to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by sending a letter to:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201
Or call 1-877-696-6775 or visit:

You will not be penalized or retaliated against by GENOMIC LIFE for filing a complaint.



GENOMIC LIFE may amend this POLICY at any time without prior notice to MEMBER by posting the revised POLICY on

The guarantor of your coverage, such as your employer, may have requested a variation from this POLICY. Please check with your employer for additional details.